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About us

HaloSOS was founded through personal experience. It was when our CEO, Fiona, found herself in a threatening and vulnerable situation where she could not easily access her phone to call for help. She wanted to find a way to ensure that when people are in the same position as she was, they can act in an intuitive and instinctive way to call for assistance.

At HaloSOS we are passionate about using technology to reimagine solutions for complex problems. We want to make sure that the millions of people working in hospitality and entertainment industry feel reassured about their safety at work and if for any reason they need help that they get it as quickly as possible.

It is the vision of making the world a safer place that fuels HaloSOS every day.

Our team

HaloSOS – Fiona Moloney

Fiona Moloney


It was after encountering herself in a threatening situation that Fiona, decided to create a product that is easy to use and that would make people feel safe everywhere. Her drive is to create value for customers through long term personal relationships within all levels of the organization.

She has extensive prior
management and planning experience within sales and technology companies. She is also an experienced business developer and account director selling technology solutions in highly regulated industries to multinationals.

HaloSOS – Liam Darling

Liam Darling


Liam has spent over 20 years designed and building mission-critical and staff safety systems to protect people on a daily basis. 

He believes that everybody should go to work without having concerns about their safety. 

He is particularly focused on innovation and location-based solutions through quality design. Driving product development and technology that simply works is his primary goal.


HaloSOS – Mike Llewellyn



Mike is an experienced software developer and founder of multiple start-ups with a background in professional software systems. 

Mike has worked in businesses as diverse as The London Stock Exchange, and medical devices to co-founding a games studio that went onto creating Power Rangers which achieved critical acclaim and has been installed over 3 million times. With an BSc in Computer Science from Exeter University, he is always thinking about how to innovate and improve efficiency in how we deliver our services to provide even greater protection to staff.

HaloSOS – Daniele Grossi



A professional with a multicultural background, she graduated with an MSc in Marketing from Trinity College. 

Daniele is passionate about Brand Management and Digital Marketing; her expertise lies in creating data and digitaldriven marketing content. 

She has many years of experience in business both in Ireland and overseas, and her approach ensures that we are aligned with our brand goals.

HaloSOS core values

We live by our core values which reflect the way we function as a company and team. It is the foundation for HaloSOS.

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