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It was after being unable to reach her phone in a potentially dangerous situation that our CEO decided to reimagine a solution where she could call for help without touching her phone.  Raising the alert in an innovative way was only the first step in creating HaloSOS.

At HaloSOS we are passionate about using technology to reimagine solutions for complex problems. We want to make sure that the millions of people working in hospitality and entertainment industry feel reassured about their safety at work and if for any reason they need help that they get it as quickly as possible.

It is the vision of making the world a safer place that fuels HaloSOS every day.

Our Team



Fiona has extensive prior management and planning experience within sales and technology companies. She is also an experienced business developer and account director selling technology solutions in highly regulated industries to multinationals. Her vision is to provide friendly intuitive solutions to keep all staff safe, everywhere. Her drive is to create value for customers through long term personal relationships within all levels of the organization.


VP of Global Sales

Liam has spent over 20 years designed and building mission-critical and staff safety systems to protect people on a daily basis. 

He believes that lone workers and those at the frontline need extra protection and nobody should go to work having concerns about their safety.

He is particularly focused on innovation and location-based solutions through quality design. Driving product development and technology that simply works is his primary goal.



Mike is an experienced development manager with a background in developing a variety of commercial products.

He has worked in businesses as diverse as the London Stock Exchange, and medical devices to the healthcare sector, co-founding a games studio that went on to create Power Rangers which achieved critical acclaim and has been installed over 3 million times. Mike leads the technology strategy in innovating and improving efficiency in how we deliver our services to provide even greater protection to staff and prevent staff attacks.



Shannon is an enthusiastic marketer with a keen interest in brand marketing, strategizing and data-driven performance. She brings a diverse range of skills to our team having worked overseas in Saint Lucia and studied abroad in Japan. Her desire to better understand and identify the risks that frontline and lone workers face in the workplace drives her passion. She is passionate about helping workers in vulnerable situations.



Naveen is a natural leader with a passion for data-driven solutions to solving real-world problems. His expertise includes data analytics and designing software solutions involving embedded device technology. His unique experience collaborating with diverse teams and extensive studies and research in data analytics make him a strong and confident decision-maker. He seeks to constantly challenge himself to solve complex problems!



Bhumi is a driven, versatile, and experienced full-stack developer who enjoys solving problems. She has in-depth industry knowledge and experience in developing signal processes and enhancing security, publishing several papers on the subject for the International Organization of Scientific Research and the Third International Conference!

She is a creative thinker with a diverse range of skills, which allows her to think outside the box to reimagine solutions for complex problems. She combines both her technical abilities along with her natural flair for design to create simple, secure, and safe solutions!



Jyoti is a bright and proactive problem solver with a highly analytical mind. She is clear and focused with an impressive ability to interpret complex problems and identify comprehensive solutions. Her expertise includes handling big-data, ETL process, data mining techniques, python scripting, and data visualization. With these strong technical skills, she is able to compile, organize and interpret vast quantities of information with attention to detail and accuracy. 

She is passionate about machine learning data that seeks to improve health and safety outcomes. This drives her passion to create solutions that help make the world a better and safer place!



Marty is an enthusiastic, driven, aspiring software developer who is not afraid to take on a challenge. With background knowledge in software systems and attention to detail, Marty plays an important role in ensuring that the quality of HaloSOS solutions is at a very high standard! He is also an award-winning barista.




Jayant is an enthusiastic, driven, aspiring software developer. He has a keen interest in machine learning and enjoys using data to better understand and solve complex problems. He is passionate about continuous learning, and is currently doing an MS.C in Data Analytics at Dublin Business School.

Want to learn more about how our team can help you with your unique needs?

Learn more about how our team can help you with your unique needs?


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