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You Focus On Your Guests While We Focus On Your Team Safety

For hotels that want to protect their team members and provide a safer environment, we offer our voiced-activated solution that instantly identifies the exact location of your team getting responders quickly to the right place.

HaloSOS offers a full turnkey solution that includes: wearables, locating network that can be monitored down to room level, both indoors and outdoors, and a security console interface for delivering critical messages to your responders.

HaloSOS solution is ready to use and easy to operate. No maintenance is required so you can focus on your guest while we focus on your team safety.

Key Benefits

Simple to use
Simple to use: Hotel staff call out a trigger word or press a button, and their wearable will raise an alert to security and management team.
Cloud-based console
A cloud-based console interface provides hotel management and security teams a view of alerts as they occur, wherever they occur.
Account for all team members
In a mass crisis event the hotel can account for all team members and understand where they are at the time of the event, either inside or outside instantly, to ensure their safety.
Bluetooth low energy beacon
Each guest room is installed with a Bluetooth low energy beacon (BLE) that works as a unique location identifier.
BLE beacons
BLE beacons are easy to set up. No cabling is required. HaloSOS can monitor the beacon’s power over the lifetime of the service.
Privacy and rights are top of our priorities; we only know where the associate is once they call for and need help.

How Does HaloSOS Really Work?

Personal Safety Event Response

How Does HaloSOS Really Work?

Mass Crisis Event Response

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Want To Learn More About How Our Solution Addresses Your Unique Needs?

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