• Fiona Moloney

It's already begun!

It’s still early days for commercial drones, and we just beginning to understand how we can use these cutting edge assets to improve our every day life.

Use within the emergency services, health and public safety sector, agriculture, food and parcel deliveries, taxi, high tech photography, imaging, recording and communication capabilities and environmental conservation sectors are growing fast. Even drone racing is a thing, watch this 0-100km/h in 1.3 seconds!


Your imagination can fill the gaps for other uses, but the future of drones is I believe going to bring us far beyond what they have been used for in the past.

As we move into this next phase we’re beginning to see more rapid changes in governance, to protect users, the public and nature from abuse but also to enable those same users to fly safely and provide services of value. Where drones are used for good and beginning to find their place in the world we will also organically discover more and more applications for their use.

Although HaloSOS is not a drone hardware designer, but it is an excellent example of a drone use company. Drone use applications is where innovation within the industry will really begin to excel through 2019 and beyond, and these opportunities make this the most exciting time to influence evolving technologies, as it’s going to bring us closer to whole new world of user experiences.


We are beginning to see massive investment within the drone industry, in particular in those businesses who provide the software and services to enhance use applications. We use the hardware technology that already exists in the market place and give it a life in order to allow it to scale.

Make great code


Our integration of API’s will allow each user to determine just how they want their drone to be used, having a dedicated security drone is ideal, however in some cases the user may decide to use a drone to survey buildings or campus grounds. To understand the ROI we need to compare the costs and benefits with the more traditional operations used; manned on-foot security, blue phones, fixed CCTV etc.

PWC Report

In a recent report, professional services giant Price Waterhouse Cooper (PWC), proposed that the global market for the commercial applications of drones, spanning: infrastructure, transport, insurance, media, telecommunication, agriculture and mining industries, could be valued at over $127 billion by 2020.

Campus Security

For some the initial costs of purchasing the hardware can be off set by leasing or renting and using drones as-a-service, and reducing the cost per unit to be absorbed over numbers of people/rooms etc and time. The added advantage to this is of course as the technology improves the vehicle can be upgraded. Drones will become a crucial component in building, and campus safety in the very near future.

The Future

The benefits of drones in the future of help and safety excites us, consider first aid being dropped to an injured person who’s out of reach, and the ability to communicate with that person that first responders are on their way.

Ask Us

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