• Fiona Moloney

Help Is Just a Word Away

Updated: Jan 24, 2019

Clever applications in technology matters when seconds are all you have.

Have you ever tried to make a phone call when a serious crisis or emergency is unfolding?

If you haven’t I hope you never have to but if you have you’ll more than likely recognise the intense feelings and panic that goes with when you are in the grip of fear, your experience of just getting to your phone, of trying to find it is completely altered.

The previously simple process of unlocking your phone, one that you have done a million times in the past, can in those seconds seem impossible. Looking down and making several attempts with shaky, trembling, and moist from sweat hands (a problem in itself with smart phones) can mean the difference between raising an #alert and protecting yourself from a possible attack.

You simply cannot take your eyes off the #target when your life is in the balance.

When you’ve got no time to make a mistake simply calling out a word makes the process of raising an alert all the more simple, practical and effective.

In todays world of voice activated fridges and washing machines, #HaloSOS brings useful technology to the forefront of personal safety. As we become used to talking with Siri, Alexa, Google home and Bixby we will recognise in milliseconds the ability to call out for help and know that your phone is listening and sending your #location to #firstresponders and when many people call for help in the same location, first responders know that something serious is unfolding in a very specific area and a mass notification alert is put into action. Active 3D mapping shows the way out for those closest to the ‘red zone’ and those in hiding or injured are found quickly, saving time when we know time is of the essence.

Just say the word, we’ll listening when you need it most. #justsaytheword