Chief Executive Officer

Fiona Moloney

Chief Technology Officer

Liam Darling

Location Based Services 

Our technology focus has always been on Location Based Services and the locating of people and assets both indoors and outdoors.


Extensive experience building and deploying technologies such as GPS, Wi-Fi, RFID, ZigBee and Bluetooth ensures our innovative expertise provides accuracy in design and functionality.

We have a thorough knowledge of hardware trackers having previously manufactured a number of devices which comprised GPS for outdoor tracking and ZigBee for indoor locating required for delivery of mission critical solutions.


Our trackers were deployed in some of the worlds largest theme parks to find lost children and prevent child abductions.

Experience has taught us that a practical un-antagonistic way to covertly raise an alarm is vital in a duress event, this is why we developed our patented voice activated alert.


Extensive knowledge of indoor locating proved the best way to shorten response time is to deliver a room level location service over a simple to deploy infrastructure.

An understanding of mass duress events such as 'active killers' means we can seamlessly integrate it with our personal response platform.