'to appeal to 'someone or something' as an authority for an action or in support, to call earnestly for' help - Latin: Invocare - to call in.

The genesis of the solution is based on HaloSOS co-founder trying to find a better way to call for help.  


After encountering a threatening situation where she could not easily access her phone or take her eyes off the rapidly unfolding situation she found herself vulnerable.

When distilled down, this was the simple requirement;


“When I ‘call out’ for help how can I do that quickly and how fast can someone find me, I want someone to come and watch over me until help arrives.”  


Our crime and emergency response platform branded “Invoke” was built on this requirement.


Invoke combines voice activated alerts with BLE positioning indoors and GPS outdoors. The positional information is automatically passed to UAVs for automatic launch and flight to an incident. 

In order to improve outcomes to active incidents such as shooting, terrorism, violent assault, sexual assault, fire and weather events we accurately identify the location of victims and perpetrators, dramatically reduce the search time and ensure first responders are informed in real time of the events unfolding.

Underpinning this is a platform that is designed to encourage personal and community responsibility through situational awareness that promotes pride of place and shared positive outcomes.